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Unlu is where the world’s top creators come to learn, connect & create. If you want to uplevel your career, create and launch new content, build your brand or collaborate with a lifelong community of creators, this is the place for you.

What do we do?

The world should be more appreciative of off-stream talent. At unlu, we do exactly the same. We act as a bridge between super talented creators and the fame they deserve.

We identify the top talent

We identify the top talent

We are on a worldwide hunt to discover highly motivated creators who want to turn their passion into their profession.

We give them best guidance

We give them best guidance

We pair our creators with industry experts and celebrities for them to get the best guidance.

We sponsor their passion

We sponsor their passion

We look for passion, we look for talent, we look for potential, and we leave no stone unturned in making sure that they get the best reward for their talent.

What will you learn?


Our unlu creators fellowship

We know how hard it is to get your first launch, but if you feel you are almost there & want to move to the next step, this is the place for you.
Our 12-16 weeks of cohort-based virtual learning that provides training, support, and constructive feedback is designed to bring like-minded creative people at the same page to create top-notch content.

fellowships to explore

Audio Story Writing

Audio Story Writing

If you are new to Audio Story Writing, having your work published can be an uphill struggle. Unlu’s Audio Story Fellowship will help you ‌make your name in the industry as an audio story writer and work with KUKU FM.



Write your first TV show/ Web Series! Join India’s greatest community of writers, directors, and producers. Connect with the right people and start your journey towards success today!



They say, it usually takes five to six years to become an author but who has that kind of time? No one. Join Unlu Fellowship for authors and become a published author in just three months. Get access to mentorship lessons from Ruskin Bond and Anita Nair and write your way to glory.

What will you get?

When you become part of the unlu community, here’s some of what you’ll get - no matter which fellowship you join.

Learn & Grow Rapidly

Learn & Grow Rapidly

As with most things in life, you get out what you put in. If you engage with your fellowship regularly, participate in learning and action sessions, and make an effort to connect with people 1:1, the value of your experience compounds exponentially.

Build Deep Connections

Build Deep Connections

At unlu we believe in learning together, creating together, and growing together. After joining us, you will become a part of our creators community where a huge talent pool of writers, directors, actors, singers, and changemakers will be there for you.

Explore & launch Content

Explore & launch Content

Through 1:1 mentorship, deep discussion over your ideas with industry experts, you will sharpen your skills and before you’ll realise it, you will be ready to launch your first content piece.

What learners have to say about us?


Abhishek Raj

"The Certification in vocals by Unlu is absolutely awesome. Loved the way everything has been planned from lectures to assignments to community networking :+1: "

Guru Deep

"I have loved every minute of this fellowship, from the kick off to every live session - I have learned so much."

Barsha Mukherjee

"A perfect match for budding lyricists. Great combination of video lectures, live classes by experts and opportunities to connect with coursemates."

Abhay Jodhpurkar

"Unlu's community of lyricists, musicians, and singers is pretty encouraging and has great potential of networking opportunities."

Anurag Sharma

"Unlu Voice Actors community has really helped me gain confidence as a voice artist. I now feel confident to begin my career in this industry"

Anu Sharma

"Unlu Screenwriting community has really helped me gain confidence as a writer. I now feel confident to begin my career in this industry."

The unlu ecosystem

Our ecosystem is a network of creative brains who work together to empower each other.

We understand what creativity means for some people. We understand the passion, the thinking, the maddening obsession to create something new, to present something with a new perspective. We understand the madness that comes with mad talent. We not only get it, we support it in every possible way we can.

In our wide network of creators, learners, educators, mentors and entrepreneurs, we fulfill the demand of one channel through another. Creativity clubbed with cutting edge technology and entrepreneurial guidance is the only way to take the creative industry to the position it deserves.

Join an upcoming fellowship or buy unluclass

We understand what creativity means for some people. We understand the passion, the thinking, the maddening obsession to.

Unlu Classes:

Learn Voice acting with Sudesh Bhosle | Learn Lyrics Writing with Sameer Anjaan | Learn Creative Writing with Anita Nair | Learn Writing with Ruskin Bond | Learn Singing with Monali Thakur | Learn Crytocurrency with Siddharth Menon | Learn Acting with Manoj Bajpayee | Learn Fitness/Pilates with Radhika Karle | Learn Tennis with Sania Mirza | Learn Comedy with Jhonny Lever | Learn Direction with Shashank Khaitan

Unlu Fellowship:

Vocal Music Fellowship | Lyrics Writing Fellowship | Voice Acting Fellowship | Screenwriting Fellowship | Youtuber Fellowship | Author Fellowship

Unlu Community:

Arunit Singh (Actor) community Post | Lvona (Singer) community Post | Purnima Maurya(Lyricist) community Post | Vikas Ratanjee (Story writer) community Post | Ratnesh Sharma (Singer) community Post | Bijal Talekar (Author) community Post | Nitesh Prashad (Poet) community Post | Gunmeher Juneja (Singer) community Post | Roshan Raturi (Writer) community Post | Madhavilathabk (Singer) community Post

Unlu Blogs:

Rules of Writing a Story | Writing Guide: What Is Creative Writing and Its Types? | How to Become an Actor With No Acting Experience | Acting Tips to Practice Acting from Home | 5 Reasons Why Tennis Is The Best Sport | Singing Guide: What Is The Best Age To Learn To Sing? | Singing Voice: How to take care of your voice? | Film Direction: How to start directing? | Top Cryptocurrencies Apps to start using now! | Introduction to Screenwriting | Top 5 Screenwriting Books Every Screenwriter Should Read

About Unlu:

Unlu is the Promised Land for every artist with dreams in their eyes and passion in their veins. Unlu hopes to be to every artist a gateway to all their recognized goals and aspirations. We aim to be a stepping stone through which you are catapulted into the profession of your dreams.

Whatever your forte be; screenwriting, YouTubing, Singing, Writing, Voice acting; we are prepared to take you to the next step in your journey. With Unlu, you will have various promising opportunities that will enable you to convert your passion into a well-sustainable profession.

We want all the upcoming artists to feel like the world lies in the palm of their hands and that nothing is impossible. Put simply, we aim to democratize art. We want every artist to have an audience and every piece of art to get the applause it deserves.


We believe artists are created, not born. So, to hone your skills, you need a perfect coach who can guide you through the maze of your chosen art. A teacher who has years of experience coupled with an intimate understanding of the field you want to forge into.

At Unluclass, we provide a unique immersive experience to our subscribers to learn from the industry veterans. Each class encompasses a basic understanding of the art where the experts derive from their journey to impart invaluable lessons.

Ruskin Bond and Anita Nair will teach you how to write a book, Manoj Bajpayee will give you online acting classes, Sameer Anjaan will guide you about how to write song lyrics, Monali Thakur will polish your melodies through her online singing classes, Radhika Karle will instruct you in Pilates, Cryptocurrency course will be conducted by Siddharth Menon, Film direction course is hosted by Shashank Khaitan; to name a few.

After purchasing the course, you will have unlimited access to it. You’re free to watch the 2-6 hours long video content which is broken up into more palatable episodes at your own pace.

Unlu Fellowship:

Unlu Creators Fellowship is India’s fastest growing creators’ network. It is a 3 month long multi-teacher program where you can directly learn under industry experts and celebrity teachers. Currently, our fellowship program supports the following forms of art: Voice Acting, Screenwriting, YouTubing, Writing, Singing, Lyrics writing.

The Fellowship program is best suited for intermediate level artists who already have a grasp of their art. What our program aims to do is polish your abilities and push you to be the best version of yourselves. We provide a stage where you can expand your network and get your foot in the door with the big names in the industry.

At the end of the program, we select the best-performing students and launch them on the widely popular platforms. So, if your career has been taking a nap, we will help you rouse it with some potent tools and training.

Unlu Community:

Unlu community is a close-knit community of creators. It offers a platform to all those artists who are a part of our Unlu Fellowship program and Unluclasses. In the community, you get various benefits.

It is a space dedicated to your art. You can post your original creation here, get likes and receive reviews and comments from your fellow artists, thus enabling peer-to-peer learning. We are also aware of how difficult it can be to grow alone as an artist. Thus, we provide you with a unique feature to collaborate with your contemporaries and end up with extraordinary outcomes. A chat option allows you to discuss relevant topics with your mates in the community.

We also host regular category wise contests which will give you an additional push to display your art in front of other like-minded creators in the community. Virtual open mic nights are a frequent event in the community where all your inhibitions will come off as you see other artists perform.

Unlu Offers:

Currently, we are running the following offers for the Unlu Fellowship Program:
• Zero cost EMI on all credit cards except SBI cards
• Partial Payments that can be completed within the period of 3 months
• B1G1 on all fellowships
• FELLOW20 coupon discount of 20% to all the non-Unlu community members & FELLOW30 coupon discount of 30% to all our community members.
• Demo sessions are available for free for all the Fellowships where you get an overview of what the program entails

Benefits of Learning from Us:

All the content creators and artists are flocking to the new hub that is Unlu. We are determined to make you succeed and take every necessary step towards it. Under our scrutiny and tutelage, you can achieve soaring heights.

Through our cohort-based virtual learning experiences, you can access top-notch training sitting in any part of the world, at any time of the day. Unlu creators have access to one of India’s largest content libraries led by A grade celebrities and mentors run by us.

With our constant support and feedback, you can unlock the virtuoso residing within you. We will help you open doors to recognition. Your motivation and passion coupled with our services will lead to the making of a star.