How to submit your book proposal ?

After finishing your book or novel, you’ve decided to avoid the middleman – the agent, and approach the publishers directly. It’s a brave choice, but not so difficult if you do it the right way. Here are some tips on how to submit your book proposal to the publishers:

1. Make a List:
Start with making a list, and then short-listing publishers on the following terms:

  • Do they accept unsolicited submissions?
  • Do they work with a particular genre of books
  • Do you fall in the same category
  • What sort of deals do they have to offer to their existing clients/writers?
  • And most importantly, do a background check for the legitimacy, it’s very common to fall under a publishing scam.

2. Approach:
Work on a personalized and unique approach for your submission. Research and work on things like:

  • How are you different than other writers submitting their work?
  • What sort of content is the publisher looking for?
    Be prepared with any other documentation or legal work required and don’t hesitate to demand what you’re looking for in a deal.

3. Stay Motivated:
It’s okay if you’re unable to find the right publisher, or if you get rejected by them. Many good writers face rejection and take time to find the right publisher for their work. There are several different options to get your book published. Check online communities, websites and talk to fellow writers and keep your momentum up. And, you can always go for the option of Self-Publishing.

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