The importance of a good sleeping schedule for your well-being

The connection between sleep and your well-being was established the day you were born. As we grow old, the number of hours of sleep we need tends to reduce.

When we are young, we sleep more than we stay awake, but as we grow up, it turns out to be the other way around. But have you ever wondered about how each lost hour of sleep affects your well-being?

A sufficient amount of sleep at night is important for multiple reasons. In today’s world, most people do not even get eight hours of sleep at night.

This is a major reason that we find more and more people being mentally drained now than say twenty years ago. It is one thing to understand the importance but it is another to understand it enough and implement it into your lives.

Here are a few of the most significant reasons to have a good sleeping schedule:

Improves productivity:

Our brain gets us through every day by concentrating, performing, and focusing on all the tasks that we need to complete. Without it functioning well, we would not even survive the day with a positive mindset.

When you are sleep deprived, your brain is negatively affected. This creates a domino effect and hampers all other brain functions. A night of good sleep will get you a good day tomorrow.

Sleeping well has a direct efect on your daytime mood and attitude.

A good sleeping schedule Benefits your health:

A good night’s sleep will not only get you a better tomorrow but a better future too. Chronic diseases like heart disease are driven by the bad quality of sleep. Multiple studies have also proven that individuals who get fewer than eight hours of sleep were more prone to such diseases.

While we hope that we do not have to prove how important it is to stay away from these diseases, it is solely for your benefit. Work on it today so you do not regret not doing so tomorrow.

Keeps your weight in control:

Being mentally and physically fit are both just as important in life. Much to your surprise, they are both connected due to several reasons. If you feel as if you have been gaining weight recently, give your sleeping schedule a check.

It is proven that insufficient sleep can be the reason behind obesity. And if you are trying to lose weight, it is really important to get enough sleep through the night.

A good sleep schedule affects weight gain and weight loss.

Controls your calorie intake:

When you do not get enough sleep at night, your bodily hormones go for a ride as well. Insufficient sleep increases hormones that increase your appetite while decreasing the ones that suppress it.

This causes you to eat more food than you usually would. That late-night binging that you do while watching shows until 3 am is just a normal side effect to your irregular sleeping schedule.

Strengthens your memory:

Science suggests that there are three stages in which our brain creates a memory. While the first two stages can happen while we are staying awake, the final stage can only occur during sleep.

When we fall asleep, everything that our brain would have captured the previous day would turn into memories. But to do this, it needs enough sleep. Thus, the next time you feel as if you cannot remember things, start getting more sleep at night.

Sleeping well inhibits stress hormones:

Do you find yourself irritated at most things on days where you have not had a good night’s sleep? This is not just pure irritation, this is actually your stress levels telling you that you have not had enough rest the previous night.

When you sleep for enough hours, it lowers the stress levels in your body. So, if you wish to have a smooth day without getting tensed up easily, sleep well!

A timely sleeping pattern reduces the likelihood of depression:

A good sleep pattern reduces the likelihood of depression and stress.

Many individuals affected by depression have shown signs of irregular sleeping cycles. Whether we talk about insomnia or hypersomnia, sleeping problems are considered as a symptom of depression.

Poor sleep creates a negative loop that affects your emotions and then worsens any signs of depression. The fact that we cannot exactly pinpoint the root cause of depression makes it imperative for you to improve your sleeping schedule while you still can.

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