What is a Music Composer and How to Become One?

There is no doubt in the fact that music is an art that one learns over time with a lot of hard work and perseverance. But, this art of music is not confined to singing or playing instruments. One such art is that of ‘composing music’. Composing music is also among one of the finest arts that requires a lot of skills. However, many people aren’t even aware of the profession of a ‘music composer’. This article will help you understand who actually a music composer is and what all skills and qualification for one to ace this profession.

Who is a Music Composer?

The main idea behind ‘music’ is to communicate the ‘mood’ or ‘tone’ of various films, shows, events etc. To convey the same, it is not just the music that matters, but also its ‘composition’. A music composer is one who writes, composes and ensembles the music. They main aim is to project a storyline keeping in mind the entire script and various other specifications. Thus, the job of music composer is as hard as any lyricist, singer or producer.

Why is a Music Composer Needed?

There are various elements to a ‘song’. The soundtrack is one such important element that needs a lot of attention since it adds a lot of depth and emotion to the song. It is only a ‘music composer’ who excels in portraying the same. A music composer can’t work in isolation and needs to understand the point of view of music producers, music directors etc. This not only makes his job very time-demanding, but also require a lot of interpersonal skills as well.

What qualifications are required to become a music composer?

Music is an art and thus, it is mainly just the practice and dedication that can help one excel in this field. However, as time progressed, there have been various educational qualifications that have been formulated to acquire this skill. There are various diplomas, courses, degree programs etc. These help one to clear the very basic knowledge of the art. However, no one can deny the fact that it is mainly ‘consistency’ that helps one in acing this profession.

What all skills does one need to possess to become a music composer?

  • To possess basic knowledge of the music principles
  • Ability to think ‘out of the box’ and practice consistently
  • To follow the tune and carry it properly
  • Ability to collaborate with various other artists
  • Being adaptive to the changes that need to be made repeatedly
  • Zeal and passion to learn everyday
  • Being aware of various genres and styles of music
  • To hone interpersonal and communication skills

How does a life of music composer look like?

Though the profession demands a lot of travel and time, the projects that come the way are not very regular in their nature. Music composers can either work from their home or through a music studio. But they generally enter into contractual agreements with various music directors and producers for different projects and different genres. The exciting part is that the work they do is not at all monotonous in nature. From movies, animations to media houses, advertisement companies, one gains a lot of exposure over time and thus enjoys the work.

However, one also needs to understand the fact that every soundtrack goes through many rejections and many changes as well. Thus, one needs to be patient enough to work over it consistently with dedication and patience.

How to ace as a ‘music composer’?

There are various steps that one can take over a course of time so as to excel in the profession of ‘music composition’. They might sound minimal while hearing, but all of them when added up bring in a lot of change in the skill set. If you are looking forward to this career option, then these steps will definitely help ace the profession in general.

  1. Learn music under guidance from early stages of life

Producing music is not an easy task, it requires years of practice to understand what complements different instruments. Formative years of one’s life are the ones which have the best grasping ability. Thus, working on acquiring these skills during formative years of life is always a good idea.

  1. Study music via qualifications

As time has evolved, there are various professional qualifications that one can attain. The admission process of getting through such courses is generally via auditions. Such qualifications ensure that one has full knowledge about the music industry. Thus, one should try to enroll for such qualifications as well. 

  1. Experiment while learning

While attaining professional qualification, one should try to experiment and produce his/her own compositions. This is the best way learning any skill. Doing so would expand one’s knowledge of music, various genres and styles and this way one is able to understand the areas one needs to work upon. 

  1. Upload your compositions on online platforms

There exist various websites where one can upload the music compositions. This not only helps one to gather audience towards their art but one can also learn from other compositions that have been uploaded by various other artists. This way one can also interact with fellow artists across the globe. 

  1. Use your social media handles for promotions

This is one of the best ways to increase your reach amongst the audience. This helps one to create his own fan following. Also, various artists, producers and other composers also reach out for collaboration projects. Thus, one is able to reach the industry through this. 

  1. Try to build contacts in the industry

There are various production houses, music studios, directors and companies that are in search of new artists. Thus, it is very important for one to keep track of all such auditions. Apart from that, one should also try to reach them by sending their music samples. This networking helps one to grow and build on his/her interpersonal skills as well.

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