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Ruskin Bond

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28 Lessons | 3 hrs 32 mins

Excel in the art of writing by taking this phenomenal course by the legendary Ruskin Bond. With over 70 years of experience, Ruskin Bond needs no introduction. His exclusive class on Unlu, will provide you with the right guidance to become a good writer.

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Episode 1 - Why write? (Free Video)

In this lesson, Ruskin Bond talks about the purpose of becoming a writer and shares how one can take small steps to start off.


Know more about Ruskin Bond

The famous Ruskin Bond has written many books over the last so many years. Whenever you read any of the books written by Ruskin Bon, you come to the realization that the appeal of any of his famous stories was in the simplicity of his writing style. While writing simply, the depth of the subject matter was still profound. Most of Ruskin Bond's famous books are influenced by his life spent in the hill stations of India, especially his experiences while living in Dehradun. Ruskin Bond is perhaps one of the most famous contemporary Indian writers in the world, and Ruskin Bond books are much sought after by people of all ages. Born to British parents, over the years, Ruskin Bond has authored many inspiring children's books and won many prestigious awards all over the world. In fact, it won't be wrong to say that children's literature in India is synonymous with the name of Ruskin Bond, at least in the English language. From his first book, The Room on the Roof, which was published in 1956, Bond has created a special name for himself when it comes to children's ficssstion.


If you find yourself asking who is Ruskin Bond?, well, the answer to this profound question can be found in Bond's lifestyle that was shaped by the tragic events of his childhood and, thereafter, the time he spent growing up in Dehradun. Despite having a difficult childhood, Bond went on to develop a warm and affectionate personality, along with a deep love for nature. Perhaps most noteworthy is that Bond decided to become a writer as it was his father's earnest desire to see his son become a world-famous writer one day. It would not be incorrect to say that the first 20 years of his life groomed him to become a writer with a certain clarity about the realities of life. The beautiful manner in which Bond portrays these realities of life, even to make a small child understand them, is what sets his books apart today. To understand and get more information on Ruskin Bond, continue reading the Ruskin Bond biography.

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