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Sania Mirza

Teaches Tennis
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18 Lessons | 1 hour 29 mins

Sania Mirza, the winner of six Grand Slam titles and one of the world’s finest tennis players teaches Tennis. In this course, Sania demonstrates all essential drills, warm ups, cool downs, along with her secret techniques.

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Lesson 1: Sania Mirza’s Journey

Sania talks about her journey in tennis and elaborates on what tennis as a game entails.


Know more about Sania Mirza

The name Sania Mirza is synonymous with a strong-willed Indian woman who has written history in the field of tennis. In fact, Sania Mirza is the only Indian woman to have made a name for herself in tennis. Sania Mirza is the most successful female Indian tennis player in history, becoming India's Number 1 player in both singles and doubles. Today if you ask even a child about who is Sania Mirza, they will be able to immediately identify Sani Mirza tennis player who has made India proud. Read on to get to know this famous tennis player a bit more.


In a country where sports automatically refer to cricket, making a mark and garnering super popularity as compared to any cricket player all by one's hard work and sheer grit is indeed praiseworthy. Sania Mirza awards and achievements list is a long one, being the only Indian women's tennis player to have secured her name in WTA rankings of under 50. From facing the formidable Serena Williams in just her teens to continuing to win titles even after becoming a mother, Sani Mirza's tennis career has been memorable. Throughout her career, Sania Mirza ensured that she led from the front and transformed the face of Indian tennis forever.

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