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#creatorsofthemonth , #televisionday 'Notes For My Son', a poignant and heartbreaking show that I recently finished watching, is the one I'd like to mention for this prompt. The story,heavily inspired by a real life event, centers around a mother fighting a lost battle with cancer. She writes a diary for her 4 year old son, leaving him tons of anecdotes and heartfelt messages. At times, you'll be in inconsolable tears; and at others, you'll be in awe of this woman's strength in the face of death. Ultimately, for me, this show was a very big wake up call. It taught me the importance of small moments, and how much important it is to live them before they fly away in the wind. This story is going to stay with me for a very long time, reminding me constantly of how much we take life for granted, at times. It's a must watch!
Rajni Arora
Bijal Talekar