What is a video message and how can I request for one?

Video message is a personalized note from your chosen celebrity, exclusively addressed to you, which would mostly talk about the details you mentioned in your request. To request, just get the unlu app, request celebrities for a message, a birthday wish or just a good morning, and voila! We will get that mind-blowing personalized video message delivered to you.

Where will I receive my video message? How can I download/share the video?

You will receive the completed video in the “Video Requests” on the app. You will also receive a downloadable video link to the email you provided during sign up. You can also download/share video from the app itself.

What is the price for a Video Message?

The price of a Video Message is set individually by the celebrity, and therefore the price will range depending on who you choose to get the message from! Celebrities can change their pricing at any time but you will only be charged the price that is shown when you make the request.

How long will a celebrity take to make the video?

Celebrities are usually busy and hence it can take them some time before they can complete your order, usually 7-14 days. In case the video is not completed within this lead time, it will automatically expire and a refund will be issued.

What are the occasions that you can request for a Video Message?

There could be numerous occasions, from a friend’s Birthday to your parent’s anniversary, you could get a video message for any special occasion. You could even wish best of luck to your child for the board exams, or just get a good morning from your favorite celebs. This is the perfect way to make your loved one's day - more special. As long as the request is acceptable, the celebrity will be happy to complete your request.

Where can I see the status of my video request?

You can check the status of your video request by going to Profile -> Video Requests.

Can I cancel my video message request once placed?

We share the request with the celebrity as soon the request is placed. It might be possible that the celebrity has recorded the video but hasn't uploaded it. Hence in this case a refund will not be possible.

Is there a guarantee for celebrities to complete the Video Request?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that a video request will be completed as it depends on the celebrity. It is up to the celebrity to accept your request and create the video. However, if your request is not fulfilled or gets expired, we will refund you the full amount in the same payment mode that you used to place the request.