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  • A highly motivated singer with confidence in his/her singing ability with a lifelong commitment to learning and upskilling.
  • Singers looking to forge authentic relationships with other aspiring singers/lyricists/composers in order to collaborate and create.
  • Singers looking for support, coaching, and mentorship in order to scale their art and professional career.
  • Singers who are willing to share their experiences, challenge their assumptions, and expand their perspectives to help raise the bar for themselves and their peers.
  • Age or Location no bar
  • Applications open till December 15th, 2021 for all applicants.

    You are required to submit your application in video format i.e. Video of yourself singing - kindly only upload your singing videos, we will not be accepting any other format, all other forms will be rejected.

    After your successful video application submission, our team of experts will review all your videos to identify the top 50 singers who will make the cut for the Unlu Singers Fellowship - Cohort 1.

    The 3 month program costs are INR 19,999/- which can also be paid through easy monthly installments(EMI). The EMI option can be availed at check out when purchasing the program.

    We have purposefully structured this program keeping in mind your busy schedules so you can seamlessly accommodate the program into your weekly routine. You can be a full-time employee or a student still pursuing your studies and be able to attend and keep up with the classes since they are asynchronous and available to you at all times.

    During the program, we recommend spending at least 4-5 hours per week attending the sessions and getting to know your cohort. Along with this, we expect you to spend at least 1-2 hours of daily voice practice & complete the weekly/daily assignments shared with you.

    Because we recruit singers from all over the world, Unlu Singers Fellowship - Cohort 1 is completely virtual.

    However, we have thriving alumni communities in many major metros and will be hosting periodic in-person events for singers to meet each other offline.

    You can also make use of our online community, in case you miss offline events, to reach out and connect with other fellows across all our programs.

    No, we encourage every singer passionate about their voice and regularly train to apply. The minimum requirement for this program is to be open to seeking help and helping others to achieve their full potential.

    We partner with many agencies, universities, and schools across the world & would love to connect. Please email us at fellowship@unlu.io.