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Become a Better Singer

Create your own originals. Learn singing from India’s best vocal coaches. Collaborate with songwriters, producers and composers.


Starts 05 September, 2022


Enrollment closes 31 August, 2022

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Shape Your Career

Shape Your Career

Learn from professionals, build your creative network & start creating

Learning Journey

Learning Journey

2 Months, 30+ Hours, Industry Mentors, Live Q&A, Assignments

Difficulty Level

Difficulty Level

Intermediate to Advanced

Collaborate & Create

Collaborate & Create

Network with a community & create together

what will you learn in the fellowship?

1. Fundamentals of Singing

Learn fundamental concepts of singing & music

Expand your music vocabulary, learn breathwork & basic vocal techniques

Understand the difference between scales & ragas

2. Singing Techniques I

Learn voice control & sustaining vocal performances

Expand vocal range to sing a variety of songs

Understand & replicate the nuances of singing

3. Singing Techniques II

Stay on pitch while singing & sound professional

Understand basic vocal theory to create varied melodies & harmonies

Learn different techniques to prevent vocal strain

4. Contemporary Music Styles

Understand the differences between various genres like Indian Classical, Bollywood, Pop & Contemporary

Learn to implement the learnings of different musical styles

Change tone of voice while rendering different styles of music

5. Sound & Music Technology

Understand fundamentals & evolution of audio recording

Learn the importance of various audio equipment & their impact on recording

Learn how to interact with audio engineers & producers during a session

6. Overview of Industry

Learn about the development, growth & impact of regional films in India

Explore the independent music scene & the role of singers & songwriters

Learn how artists are booked for live gigs & music festivals

7. Charting Your Path

Get exposed to creative roles available in the Indian creator economy

Understand career flowchart

Learn the roles of various stakeholders in a musician’s career

8. Marketing Your Work

Understanding your core audience & how to target them

Explore various marketing techniques & strategies to promote yourself

Learn to leverage social media & other platforms for your growth

who will teach you?

Shivam Katoch

Started his musical journey as lead vocalist of a Chandigarh-based rock band Take Off. His training in Hindustani Classical music enables him to sing comfortably across a plethora of genres. Shivam made his Bollywood debut in the Adhyayan Suman-starrer, Bekhudi with the song Kuch Pal Saath. The film album also featured songs by Sonu Nigam, Jubin Nautiyal, Daler Mehendi.

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Sumedha Sharma

A gifted vocalist, she completed her grade 8 under the Trinity Rock & Pop curriculum in 2016. Awarded as the topper of Grade 6 RockSchool Vocals exam in North India Region, she performed at the Toppers’ Concert in 2016. She has performed at various college festivals and venues around Delhi and Gurugram.

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Shibani Kashyap

An active singer in the Bollywood film industry, Shibani is best known for her song Sajnaa Aa Bhi Jaa, which appears in the movie Waisa Bhi Hota Hai II. Active in the live circuit for several years, Shibani has amassed a massive international fanbase.

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Archita Bhattacharya

An Indian Classical, Semi Classical, Ghazal Musician (vocal) and composer, Archita started learning music at the young age of 3. She received the National Scholarship for Hindustani Classical (vocal) from Ministry of Human Resource Development, GoI and has been awarded with Sangeet Bhushan by Tarana Art & Music, Delhi.

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hear what our learners have to say


I am a passionate and aspiring Singer eagerly interested to align with the like- minded souls. In this journey, I feel fortunate to associate with a platform like Unlu which guides, channelises the talents and helps them to achieve their goals. However, I am eagerly looking forward to Unlu to arrange for a more offline collaboration with fellow artists, mentors so that we can do more assignments, practices and have our own brand established more. Also conduct some events inviting Bollywood singers, music directors and allow us to perform so that we can be mentored more and get some fruitful opportunities to associate with.

Chirag Tomar

I am very grateful to being a part of unlu singing fellowship member and learn lots of new things in Unlu fellowship program.

Khusyant pathania

My experience with Unlu has been excellent up to this point. I am from a small town and enjoy singing songs, so I have learned a lot from Unlu. I can say it is normal for the app because I am not a big fan of apps and mobile devices; I prefer to attend classes on my laptop.


  • The 12-week program will have

  • 80+ hours of recorded video lectures from industry mentors

  • Live Q&A with industry experts

  • Regular assignments and peer-to-peer reviews

  • Community events & Mastermind Sessions

  • Peer-to-peer learning: Signing up for the Unlu Singing Fellowship connects you with a community of musicians - singers, lyricists, composers and producers. You learn collaboratively alongside other creative professionals and get insight into each other’s creative process.

  • Learn from industry experts: Your mentors during the 12-week fellowship program would be experienced singers from the industry. Professional singers who have carved their path in the music industry will guide you with their knowledge and insights about building and navigating a career in music.

  • Virtual Learning: Our program is completely virtual. Access live and recorded classes from anywhere in the world.

  • 1 year of free access to Unlu Community: You get a year of access to our curated community of creators, fellowship alumni and industry professionals. Collaborate with creative brains on projects, share feedback and POVs during Mastermind Sessions, Talent Shows and Ice Breaker events or just meet them over a coffee or dinner to build ideas together.

  • Build your network: You get a chance to build meaningful connections and expand your creative network. Let your network help you find your next creative project.

  • The fellowship course is not designed for people who want to learn singing from scratch. The following students will benefit from the program:

  • Students who have received some/consummate training in singing

  • Self-taught students

  • Students with natural talent or an affinity for singing

  • Students looking for a way to kickstart or in the early phases of their singing career

The 3-month program costs ₹14,999/- which can also be paid through easy monthly installments (EMI). The EMI option can be availed at checkout when purchasing the program.

  • We have purposefully structured this program keeping in mind your busy schedules so you can seamlessly accommodate the program into your weekly routine. You can be a full-time employee or pursuing your studies and still keep up with classes since they are asynchronous and available to you at all times.

  • We recommend spending at least 4-5 hours per week on attending the sessions, completing assignments and getting to know your cohort for a wholesome learning experience. Professionals recommend at least 1-2 hours of daily voice/singing practice.

You will get exclusive access to the Unlu Creators Community, a platform to connect & collaborate with fellow artists. We also offer free subscriptions to several apps & softwares that can aid you in your upskilling journey. We are also offering a one-year pass to all our fellows - this means all the fellowship course material will remain available to you for one year.

Unlu commits to backing you earlier than anyone else. If you decide to launch a song by collaborating with our lyricists, we will help you with the resources to produce & distribute your songs.

  • Singing, like any other art form, is an expression. Man has used it as a means to express himself since time immemorial. It’s a prayer for the soul. To give a more concrete and consummate answer to how singing can benefit you, here’s a list:

  • Evidence keeps mounting in favour of how singing starts a whole hormonal cascade in your body, thus making you feel better. In fact, it releases a hormone called endorphin which is natural pain killer in human bodies.

  • Singing also improves your lung function and makes them more efficient. In fact, many singers as a part of warm-up do breathing exercises. Both the lung capacity and your ability to sing are interlinked.

  • Needless to say, singing can be a great way to work off some stress and relax. It’s a great booster after a draining day. It can bring you joy and is a greatly advantageous leisure activity.

  • Studies also claim that singing enhances mental alertness, memory and concentration. Put simply, it is a great brain workout.


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