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Join Unlu YouTuber Fellowship to work closely with India’s top YouTubers. Under their mentorship, you will learn to create high-end content for your YouTube channel. Scholars with great potential will get one million+ views on their channel along with special offer perks.
50 Members
50+ Hours of
Structured learning
12 Weeks of Curated
15+ Expert &
Celebrity Instructors
Collaborate with
other creators
1 Year of Free
Community Access
Build lifelong connections with the best in the industry

Because we are greater, together.

Your passion and our community of creators, mentors and supporters are capable of achieving greatness together.
Peer to peer learning
Peer to peer learning
Join our curated community of creators.
Knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing
Share, learn and exchange ideas with top YouTubers across the globe.
Build deep connections
Build deep connections
Build life-long relationships with like-minded people.

Learn from living legends

Get guidance from top-of-the-line Youtube experts. Along with invaluable support, motivation, and inspiration from peers, you will also get a chance to get one million+ views on your YouTube channel.
1:1 Mentorship
Overcome the challenges through regular interaction with your mentor. Get first-hand feedback, advice, and ideas.
Regular Check-ins
Join weekly conversations with your peers and mentors to get regular updates and catch up on the lessons so far.
Group Discussions
Collaborative sessions with peers where you can work on new projects, assignments, read, ideate, and grow with your peers.

Meet your Faculties & Guest Mentors

Aakash Pal
Angad Kahai
Ayush Dinker
Nidhi Mohan

Is that all?
Nope, we haven’t even started yet!

In the YouTube universe, the more you do, the better it gets. Just starting your YouTube channel is not enough, the real challenge is - grabbing all the eyeballs and getting loyal subscribers. So, let’s work on that goal.
At the end of the fellowship, you will have a big idea that will work, a YouTube channel on that idea and an ironclad strategy to make your idea viral and last but not least - more than one million views.

Take a deep dive into the world of YouTube. Know what will fly and what will fall flat.


Work on your big idea - and improve your channel’s content.


Work with established YouTubers to create top-notch content.


Get access to a wide range of equipment to enhance the quality of your content.


Work with fellow creators to churn out sharable content.


Get more than one million views on your YouTube channel.


Prepare a short-term and long-term content strategy.

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Get access to everything you need to make your YouTube channel your career choice.



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Fellowship plan

What learners have to say about us?


Aditya Garg

"I found it so helpful because the user interface is so easy and that made my learning journey easier even the way mentors teach is very intriguing and entertaining. "

Himanshu Kumar

"Upskilling yourself has become so much easier with this course. Awesomely planned modules and assignments. Mentors are very understanding & I got to learn a lot from them."

Abhishek Siwach

"Unlu's community of artists is pretty encouraging and has great potential of networking opportunities."

Jayant Singh Jeena

"Loved the Certificate Program. Got to learn a lot of new things from the mentors and now I have more than enough connections to launch new songs."

Piyush Singh

"A perfect match for budding YouTubers. Great combination of video lectures, live classes by experts and opportunities to connect with coursemates. "

Ajit Sharma

"The Certification by Unlu is absolutely awesome. Loved the way everything has been planned from lectures to assignments to community networking :D"

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