Gift Your Friends and Family Personalised Greeting Video by Comedians

Choosing gifts for your near and dear ones every year is quite a task. Why not try surprising them with a personalized greeting video from a comedian? Truth be told, it is a unique way to make your special days memorable. UNLU helps you fill your special someone’s heart with joy, elation, and gratitude in a really easy way. Unlu is a platform where fans can order personalized video messages online from their favorite celebrities. Unlu has partnered with a line up of celebrities from actors, comedians, life coaches, singers, sportspersons, to take your gifting experiences a notch up. The personalized greeting video messages can be requested for anything from birthday wishes, congratulation greetings, gratitude messages, trivia questions, inspirational messages, or fun shoutouts! The celebrity-fan engagement platform is a simplified way to reach out to fans, and stir up some happy memories, for users while adding a revenue stream to the earning potential of celebrities. The present ongoing health crisis has pushed us all inside our homes, cutting short our celebrations, and outdoor trips to entertainment zones like movie halls, comedy clubs, to name a few. However, UNLU offers its users the service to order comedian personalized video messages online to bridge the communication gap. Several content creators including comedians have partnered with Unlu to capitalize on their coronavirus induced empty work calenders. Unlu seems like the best gifting option in the present social distancing era when going for your favorite comedian’s gig seems like a distant dream. Registered users can choose from a wide range of comedians who are onboard to extend on-demand personalized video messages. Unlu gives its users access to several comedians including the famous Kiku Sharda who has a knack for making character voice impressions. With his spot-on comic timing, Kiku brings his A-game to every personalized video greeting he creates. Another gem in the list is the amazing Rajpal Yadav who steals the show whenever he steps up on the stage. His creative insights when recording a personalized video greeting online can send your loved ones over the moon. The unique witty style of stand up comedian, Manish Tyagi is bound to offer a fun-filled gifting experience to your near and dear ones. The amazing comic impressions of Balraj Sayal, and Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, when ordered on the Unlu app will be exciting gifting experiences for your friends, family, and co-workers. Comedian video messages are a great alternative to send digital greetings to your friends and family in this stay-at-home era. You also have the option to get personalized greeting video from comedians to boost your sick friends or relatives, humor your parents on their anniversary, or extend a gratitude message to your family members. Unlu with its services will benefit celebrities, fans, and brands by offering their unique gifting experiences.