Send Your loved Ones Personalised Video Messages recorded By Cricketers

Every street in the country has its line of budding cricketers hitting ball after ball with their bats, every evening as the sun sets in. Cricket has established itself as the most worshipped and famous sport in India. Cricketers have now joined the pool of celebrities whom the general public looks out for. The cricket frenzy has penetrated deep inside the Indian social structure with people going berserk over the sight of the players. The excitement of fans when they line up outside cricket arenas, assembly halls, as devotees- all to get an impression or two of their favorite cricketers, is insane. However, technology has stepped in and replaced the transient handshakes, selfies, or signature notes with personalized greeting videos recorded by their favorite cricketers. Unlu, the two-way celebrity engagement platform works by allowing its users to order cricketer video messages online. UNLU works towards growing the extent of correspondence among fans and their preferred cricketers at the tap of your mobile screens. The sweeping impact of cricket is with the end goal that it keeps the spectators wanting more. By partnering with UNLU, cricketers have ventured out into building deeper relationships with the crowd by pitching in to send them personalized video messages. Cricketer video messages have taken the online gifting place by a storm. Unlu has capitalized on the fan frenzy by offering its users the facility to order cricketer video messages online as a paid service. Taking a gander at the gigantic fan base of cricketers, UNLU has roped in a few cricketers to transform the online gifting space. Unlu lets its user’s order cricketer video messages online by registering on the unlu app. Once you are registered on the app, you can select a cricketer of your choice from a host of celebrity options and request a personalized video message. Your personalized cricketer video message requests can be anything from a birthday wish to an inspirational pep talk or even a trivia question for your favorite cricketer. This is by far a very smart way to change your gifting experience by giving them a digital twist. UNLU has already collaborated with droves of celebrities in their bid to revolutionize gifting experiences for people. The visual appeal of personalized video messages by celebrities helps bridge the gap between its end consumers and celebrities. To this day, getting a video message from Mohammad Shami, Piyush Chawla, Mohit Sharma would appear to be a distant dream to you. But not any longer. With field games on halt for some time now due to the COVID-19 situation, cricketers have joined platforms to stay in touch with their fans. UNLU by offering personalized video messages by cricketers will serve as a one on one communication tool where users and cricketers can both engage effectively.