Personalized Birthday gifts

It’s very difficult to find the best gift for any occasion. So right before the D-Day arrives, we are all over the internet to find that ‘one’ special gift.

We all want to make special occasions special, and witness the radiant smile on the faces of our loved ones. Don’t we? But the questions we answer inside our head are the ones we dread. Like ‘What will he like?’, ‘Will they need this gift?’, ‘Will it make her feel special?’ etc. etc. For everyone who deals with such questions and situations on a regular basis before the birthday of their special person should not worry anymore, as personalized gifts are here as your saviour!

For everyone who deals with such questions and situations on a regular basis before the birthday of their special person should not worry anymore, as personalized gifts are here as your saviour!

Birthdays are very important in our lives. The special day seems incomplete without a gift. Even if you are choosing an 18th birthday gift online or a 50th birthday gift online. Personalized birthday gifts are always the best. Birthdays are very important in our lives. The special day seems incomplete without a gift. Even if you are choosing an 18th birthday gift online or a 50th birthday gift online. Personalized birthday gifts are always the best.

There are several reasons why personalized online birthday gifts are the best option for your loved ones:

1. It’s special for all: Everyone wants to buy birthday gift online, but personalized online birthday gifts are special to all! Be it you wife, child, girlfriend, boyfriend, mother, father or even your boss!

2. It’s unique: Personalized birthday gifts are unique. It isn’t available on any regular store. It’s specially tailored just for you!

3. Adds personal touch and builds a strong connection: Personalized gifts always add a personal touch and builds a very strong personal connection.

4. Suitable for all occasions: Personalized gifts can be given on any occasion throughout the year such as birthdays, anniversaries, wedding, promotion, graduation, farewell etc. You name any occasion and the gift is ready!

Today we will help you find that one ‘special’ birthday gift online!
Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to find the best online birthday gifts for the ones you love:

1. Whom are you choosing the online birthday gifts for?

2. What is their age, personality, likes, and preferences?

3. Whether they are a Bollywood buff or a book geek?

4. What is their hobby and passion?

5. What excites them the most?

6. Is there a unique personality trait you find extremely adorable?

Once you have figured out the above questions you are ready to take the next leap in finding the best birthday gift online. Understanding what they like and dislike will help you surf the online platform better!

Here are few personalized online birthday gifts which you can choose without the batting of an eye lid and surprise the ones you love

1. Personalized cushion set: A set of beautiful personalized cushion will not only add to the comfort of their room but also touch their heart every time they snuggle with it! You can go creative while designing the cushions. Show the journey of your friendship or relationship as a series on the cushion or you can choose to show their transformation over the years. Showcase their achievements with heart touching lines or give them a snippet of everything they love on the cushions, be it their favourite movie posters, favourite music band or their favourite comic characters.

2. Assortment of their favourite cookies and chocolates: Know their favourite chocolate and cookie flavours? Well then you have it sorted. Even if you don’t know their favourite flavours, send them a basket of assorted cookies & chocolate and make them happy with an online surprise gift delivery.

3. Pure Indulgence grooming kit: Be it a man or a woman, everyone loves to pamper their own selves in their own way. A grooming kit is one of the best online birthday gifts available for everyone! Wrap them with love around a grooming kit!

4. Compilation of their favourite movies: Know their favourite genre? Are they a rom-com lover? Or an action fanatic? They love drama or a lot of detective adventures? Do they like the thrill of horror? Go online and book their favourite movie compilation which they will treasure for life!

5. A personalized photo frame: Photographs take us on a beautiful journey of life. It helps us re-visit all the best memories we have spent. Gift a beautiful personalized photo frames with pictures of moments the receiver will cherish. Be it a journey of them becoming who they are today or memories revisiting childhood days. Even the best times you people have spent together! The personalized photo frame collection will indeed be the best birthday gift online.

6. Personal Bobblehead collection: Everyone would love a fun caricature of their character in form of bobblehead. Be it an 18th birthday gift or a 25th birthday gift. Make a really nice bobblehead collection of your family/ your gang and add to the quirk of the house!

7. Fusion flowers: Nothing can beat a beautiful and thoughtful bouquet of flower. If you know the flowers they love then you got to gift them a beautiful fragrant bouquet of their loved petals! This gift is classic and can never go wrong even if this is the last option you have.

8. Book them a personalized video message from UNLU: Who doesn’t like Bollywood? Everyone has their favourite Bollywood stars they look up to and admire. Waiting for a lifetime opportunity to meet their favourite celebrity and get a chance to interact with them is the best gift one can ever receive. Especially when your favourite star makes your birthday special by wishing you with a lot of love!

Personalized video messages from celebrities is one of the best birthday gift online. Choose from a plethora of celebrities your loved ones prefer. Be it someone from the field of acting or comedy or an athlete, an astrologer or even a renowned entrepreneur. Unlu helps extend birthday messages from various celebrities like Saina Nehwal, Harbajan Singh, Kiku Sharda, Prem Chopra, Huma Quereshi, Sharman Joshi, Rajpal Yadav among many others. You can even customize a personalized song from an eminent artist just for your loved ones on their birthday!

Book and send this personalized birthday gift online by using the UNLU app and surprise the people who matter!


What is a video message and how can I request for one?

Where will I receive my video message? How can I download/share the video?

What is the price for a Video Message?

How long will a celebrity take to make the video?

What are the occasions that you can request for a Video Message?

Where can I see the status of my video request?

Can I cancel my video message request once placed?

Is there a guarantee for celebrities to complete the Video Request?

Want a Celebrity Recorded Message?

Welcome to UNLU

UNLU is a two-way engagement platform where users can book personalized video messages from celebrities. The video messaging platform helps mediate personalized fan moments in the form of celebrity recorded wishes on special occasions. The platform is accessible as an application, and a website where celebrities can connect with their fans by sending across birthday or anniversary wishes, inspirational messages, greetings, brand endorsements and shout outs on request. UNLU bears an appeal to its concept in being an attractive way to send across video messages to family, friends and dear ones. The flashy service offered by UNLU connects celebrities and fans taps into our obsession for our favourite actors, actresses, athletes and life coaches. UNLU has roped in almost 500 celebrities who excel as television artists, sports-persons, reality TV stars, professional dancers and singers, motivational speakers, social media influencers, You Tubers and TikTok Stars, poets, writers, among many others. UNLU has an expansive celebrity base from various walks of life and regions all over India. The platform boasts of a rich line-up of celebrities such as the likes of star performer R. Madhavan, outstanding badminton players Saina Nehwal and Parupalli Kashyap, champion bowler Harbhajan Singh, RJ Rahul Makin, music maestro Salim Merchant, to name a few.

UNLU: Bridging the Celeb-Fan Gap

The video messaging service provided by UNLU is an excellent way to gift your near and dear one's surprises that will be cherished as memories for a lifetime. You have an option to choose from a whole host of performers depending on your inclination. However, this is a paid service and can be availed at a set price which starts from as less as a few thousand rupees per video message. UNLU not only lets you gift personalized birthday/anniversary/ wedding wishes but also allows the teamed up celebrities to create original experiences for fans helping them move up the visibility curve, build a monetization avenue, and expand their brand among the masses. While the fans experience a deeper engagement with big names, the celebrities can use UNLU as a platform to cash in on their star status. Celebrities who come on-board sign up for a certain price set by themselves which usually differs based on their popularity, audience engagement, competition, and video demand by users.

How UNLU Works

As the world struggles to battle with the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020; online video messaging platforms gain some relevance to help users convey greetings to their near and dear ones while practising social distancing. While we may not be celebrating with parties anymore, online platforms have made things easy for us. Using the UNLU app lets you explore its video messaging feature and convey your best wishes through a celebrity in a safe, creative and heartfelt way as you stay homebound. You can easily request the click of a finger and book a personalized shout out, birthday wishes, anniversary greetings passed on by the UNLU talent of your choice.

  • Register as a UNLU user on its application or website.
  • UNLU lets you choose your favourite celebrities from its directory on the homepage. You can easily browse through the application, and search for your favourite celebrities by profession assorted into featured categories in the homepage such as 'Actors', 'Actresses', 'Astrologers', 'Athletes' and so on.
  • Once you have chosen your celebrity, you need to fill out some particulars regarding the message. Give a brief description of your video message including- what do you wish them to convey on your behalf. You will be asked about the recipient, the occasion of celebration, and any pointers to help build your video message.
  • Once your request is accepted, it will be responded within 7-15 case your request is not answered within the stipulated time, it will expire and a refund will be initiated.
  • The requested video will appear in your inbox and can be shared with ease on other social media platforms.

You can ask your athlete of choice to extend an inspirational message or spill the beans on a certain victory match. You can utilize the services of UNLU and book customized birthday messages for your friends and family, request a TV actress to wish your parents on their anniversary, seek a pep talk from a thought leader to guide your child about his upcoming career plans, or ask a celebrity to give shout out to your friend on his latest achievement. So, don’t let this opportunity slip by, install UNLU and invest in a wholesome experience for your near and dear ones and make their special days all the more special.

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